Who is Dan White?

Dan White is a business consultant, business coach, and professional speaker, with extensive business and tax experience.

Dan brings a unique perspective to the subject of taxes. The average taxpayer is going to file less than 80 tax returns in their entire life, yet they will spend their entire life worrying about taxes. So the bottom line is that if you don’t want to be stressed out over taxes, then think about how you can run your business in alignment with the intent and spirit of the law. The big question to be able to answer is;  Why be a tax cheater, when you can dramatically reduce your taxes legally?

In order to reduce your taxes, you need to learn the process of legal tax reduction and strategic avoidance strategies. The more sophisticated the strategies the more vulnerable they are to attacks and the more costly to defend.

Simplicity rules when it comes to the world of accounting.

In order to lead a tax stress free life, understand that there is a way which does not allow for the belief that one does not have the time to keep good records.

Paying the least amount of taxes by good business planning is your ethical, moral and legal responsibility. Having said that one must understand that by doing boogie woogie accounting of yesteryear is just an invitation to an expensive and stressful fight with CRA.

So the first step in business planning is to decide how much after tax dollars you want to keep in your pocket. The second step is to make enough after tax income, to enable you to be able to pay your taxes and still meet your personal goals. The third step is to do audit ready bookkeeping to minimize your tax liability. The fourth step is to leverage your tax savings to grow your business.

Dan taught a monthly tax course at the Learning Annex in Toronto, for over fourteen years. The courses were very popular and always well attended. For decades, he has been actively involved in teaching people how to avoid paying thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxes, by doing audit ready bookkeeping and taking legal business positions in respect to tax deductions.

Dan has a strong business background in management, taxes, estates and insolvency issues. He has held a number of senior positions in various Canadian and International companies.

Dan has traveled on business through many countries which has allowed him to grow as an international business consultant.

Dan’s experiences include being a past Dale Carnegie Associate, an Accomplished Toastmaster, and seminar leader.

Dan’s other points of interesting experiences include: Being the Chapter President of the Illuminating Engineers Society, an accomplished Toastmaster, a Dale Carnegie Associate and a motivational speaker. Being on an advisory panel on education for Seneca College for over twelve years. Dan is a member of the Whitby Chamber of Commerce Advocacy Committee, a member of the Canadian Tax foundation, a member of the Canadian Institute of Small Business and the Society of Professional Tax Representatives.



Dan is an independent Business Consultant

  • All areas of tax problems by providing end-to-end tax consulting
  • Consulting on Audit Ready Bookkeeping
  • Company Information Management Systems
  • Architecting of small businesses so that they are audit ready for government audits
  • Pre-audits of companies worried about getting audited
  • Providing expert consulting to restructure small businesses in financial trouble designing and implementing unique solutions to re-invent their business.
  • Tax advice on estate planning
  • Confidential advice on dealing with Insolvency Trustees

Dan has expertise in the innovative use of technology and how to run an efficient business using the latest technology that would normally be cost prohibitive.