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This web blog is for the purpose of letting Canadians know what is going on with tax issues and concerns in Canada and to provide valuable insight into how the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) formerly known as ‘Revenue Canada,’ works.

Some people often think if they just call CRA and ask for help and guidance, that they will be treated fairly, kindly and compassionately. Sometimes this is true, and sometimes it is not.  I can tell you that from dealing with hundreds of clients in trouble with CRA they got in worse trouble by calling CRA, because they went like rabbits to the fox for help, that you can not count on getting fair treatment from CRA.

CRA stands for “Canada Revenue Agency” CRA wants as much tax income, gross negligence penalties, regular penalties, and interest,  as they can get. As simple as that, and don’t think otherwise.

You owe it to yourself, to get all the facts, before you consider talking directly to the tax man. Forewarned is for armed.

Dan White

Are you in trouble with CRA? Looking a good solution to your tax problems.

Have you received a call from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) formerly known as Revenue Canada or Canada Customs and Revenue Agency?

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Overdue on filing your taxes?

Being audited?

Have a request to file.

Have a demand to file?

Being hounded by CRA?

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Dealing with the Tax Man is one of the most stressful experiences of a Canadian’s life.

Too many Canadians think that if they call Canada Revenue Agency and ask for help with their problems they will get honest compassionate help. That just simply is not so, just ask the thousands of Canadians who have found out otherwise.

Don’t think CRA is your friend. They want your money. That is why they are called Canada “Revenue”  Agency.

The purpose of this site is to provde information related to tax problems and issues for Canadians looking for help with their tax problems.

I am in the business of helping people with complex tax problems. I have years of experience with tax problems and have learned how to tame the beast. My years of business experience also serves me well as a business consultant.

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If this is an audit emergency include the words “audit emergency” in the subject line. In business hours, call via tel: 1-905-728-2100.


Dan White

Tax Problem Solver

When it comes to dealing with CRA, this is not a kinder gentler Canada. It can be a nightmare.

Net-worth Assessments are becoming a systemic problem in Canada

November 25, 2014

CRA now has as a standard policy that all audits should be done on a net worth basis. This is wrong on a whole bunch of fronts. Firstly a NWA (Net Worth Audit) should not be done in the fact of a good set of books and records. Secondly if CRA wants to keep this as a policy then they need to give Canadians advance notice that they need to keep track of their personal finances (non business) so that taxpayers can be prepared for the audit that they are given 30 days to prepare for.

In my opinion this is tax war!  Keep good books and records. Pay the tax you are supposed to pay, no more and no less. And when CRA wants to enter your dwelling house to see what valuables you have tell then NO! And when they want the financial information from other members of the family that are not related to your business tell them you do not have permission of the persons to do so. Tell CRA to raise a legal requirement to comply with providing private information on other parties. And when they ask you to fill out a form telling them what you spend your after tax dollars, point out that they are violating your personal rights to privacy.

At the moment we are in locked horns mode with CRA over this.