Beware of who you do business with if you have trade secrets

I am completely irritated over an internet advertising company that we hired to assist in marketing our services; they decided to change their business entirely and become our competitor.

So if you are looking to hire a tax representative, make sure, it is not that someone who is pretending to be a tax representative and then just farms the work out. If the web site does not give the personal names of the representative, then you need to just move on to someone who puts their personal name to their tax service.

In our company, we work hard to get the best results, and we do all our work in house. And we put the key staff names and position on our web site.

Don’t share your tax problems sensitive tax information with a company that lacks in integrity. Who knows who they will sell the information to or use against you.

I guess being careful with inside information is something we all need to exercise extreme caution as to who you share your information with… not just when it comes to taxes.

Dan White

Posted by Sheri Bambrough on
It is unfortunate that you had that experience. Any work I do for others, I take personally do and take ownership responsibility of, and would never consider competing with a customer. That’s not good business at all.
Posted by Dan White on
Hi Sheri,
Thanks for your comments.
It was sad that someone would take our tax secrets and use it go compete with us in solving tax problems in Canada. As far as I am concerned, CRA Karma will catch up to him. The good thing is that for clients who take the time to make sure that they are dealing with the real deal and not some marketer just trolling for Tax Problem leads to be sold to the highest bidder.
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