Not sure which way to turn?

An ounce of advice will save a ton of troubles.

Somehow taxes have become an integral part of all our planning — from business to death-do-we-part-with-our-wealth.

Today’s consulting needs advice on: today, tomorrow, and your future.

There is nothing much more valuable than experience. The last 3 decades have been a journey of solving problems created by an insane bureaucracy and a spider’s web of tax traps.

I provide the following consulting services:

  1. Business Planning: I can do a complete one-on-one review of you and your business, then set goals and objectives.
  2. Tax Planning: We keep you ahead of the “tax” and “financial game” by always “playing to Win” rather than “playing not to Lose”.
  3. Financial Record Keeping: I can guide you on the simple way to have Accurate, up-to-date and audit ready records.
  4. Managing Tax Debt: It is critical to stay on top of tax filings and dealing with tax debt.
  5. Estate Planning: Tax Planning’s most important issue is avoiding losing assets to the tax man.
  6. Insolvency Management: If debts are unmanageable, I provide unbiased consulting.