The Earth Skills Course


As a result of my side career, I have developed a self-improvement course that I teach whenever there is enough pressure to motivate me to do it.

If you want to learn the power of being a confident speaker and to be able to win more friends and influence more people, consider this amazing life changing experience.

The Earth Skills Course is one of the most profound learning experiences imaginable. The results are nothing short of profound. The ESC has been taught in Canada for over a decade and has had a profound affect on the participants in South Africa who chose to grow by way of the Earth Skills Course.

Earth Skills builds confidence, teaches the art of public speaking, how to overcome fears, how to sell yourself and your ideas, management skills, how to better manage your time, and how to be a more powerful and effective person.

Earth Skills builds leaders. It is a professional development program that teaches life and business skills not taught in conventional educational institutions. This course is of interest to people who are looking to improve their lives and careers. Many participants join in order to become better presenters, and there is no better way to achieve that goal than by taking this course. It is producing powerful results for the people who choose to get involved.

Larry Kostoff, Dean of Business for DeVry Institute Of Technology, said, “This is a highly practical course presented in an inspiring, enthusiastic, and caring way. Provided great opportunities for growth”.


Course Content:

  • Goal-Setting, Turning dreams into reality.
  • Time Management, How to dramatically improve your productivity.
  • Presentation Skills, Learn the Art of Public Speaking.
  • Creative Thinking, How to unleash the creative self.
  • Self-Esteem and Personal Power, Learn how to elevate your self worth.
  • Image, and Assertiveness, How to create a positive impact on others.
  • Quality Customer Service, Learn how to make your customers say “WOW”!
  • Negotiating For Win-Win Results, Learn “Active Listening” Skills.
  • Business Writing For Results, Learn to write more effective letters.
  • Humour and Animation as Communication Tools, Learn how to seize and hold favourable attention.



Our training utilizes leading edge processes and techniques from a variety of disciplines. Training deals with both the conscious and unconscious mind. Theory is explained, then applied as participants learn through experiential involvement. We use proven training principles, participation, feedback, accountability, strong coaching, and follow-up.


The best way to describe this course would be to look at it as an…

“Earth Skills Recipe for Success”

1 part Human Relations Training, 1 part Toastmaster
(Dan White style) 1 part Sales Training
1 part Business Skills, 1 part Creative Thinking
1 part Improvisation, 1 part Image Training

Combine all ingredients, mix well. Add a sprinkle of NLP, a dash of energy, blend in humor, then add participants. Shake gently and nurture. Coach, mentor, involve, and love them lots. Bake for 12 sessions until they are glowing with enthusiasm. Remove them from the course. Top with confidence and inspiration. Serve the world.

Participants in Earth Skills Training can get involved at any time, as our training is designed to facilitate “continuous entry.” You can start on a date of your convenience, and finish when you have completed all the sessions. Any sessions missed can be made up on future dates.



Leaders are people who have the ability to get results through others. Leadership is a skill that is acquired through “Active Learning.” We coach people through the following stages of leadership development.

1. Learning to Overcome Fears:

You will learn to overcome fears. Fears such as The Fear of Public Speaking, the fear of being wrong, fear of speaking up, fear of failure, and fear of change. These fears paralyze people and prevent them from growing. You will overcome these fears by confronting them one step at a time. We provide a caring, nurturing environment where there are no wrong answers. People are praised for what they do right and are shown by example what they can do better. As our class participants experience their own and other people’s successes, they begin to say “I can do that.” As they do new things successfully, they receive applause and praise, and begin to conquer those fears. They then move ahead to meet new challenges.


2. Building Self-Confidence:

As self-confidence replaces fear, people accept greater challenges and experience new successes. Each success leads to new and greater ones. With more confidence, people achieve greater results.


3. Learning Active Listening Skills:

Learning to be a leader, starts with learning to see things from another person’s point of view. You will gain greater insight and learn how to establish trust and rapport through the use of strong listening techniques.


4. Speaking Effectively in Public:

Earth Skills will improve your public speaking skills. People who can speak effectively in public are seen as leaders. You will learn the techniques that professional speakers use. Through this training you will develop a powerful speaking presence that will command the respect and attention of others.





A highly practical course presented in an inspiring, enthusiastic, and caring way. Provided great opportunities for growth.
Larry Kostoff, Dean of Academic Affairs
Devry Institute of Technology

Dan White and the Course have greatly enhanced my life and the way I live it.
Robert Critch, M.I.S. Manager

This is the best motivational course I’ve ever attended.
Paula Vienneau, Teacher

This is the best way of becoming a new revitalized enthusiastic person.
Candace Leroy, Manager Nursing Home

After taking the Course, I now feel more confident about myself, my skills and my future.
Gayle Shannon, Desktop Publishing

It has made me money, it has given me friends, and it has opened closed doors.
Edward Lewis, Sales

I highly recommend this course for improving personal and selling skills.
Ron Coulter, Accountant

My personal and professional growth soared.
Brenda Stephenson, Real Estate Sales